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Somatic Therapy is distinguished by it's curiosity and focus on the body, it's sensations, wisdom and state as we look into your inner world and how you would like to grow and change. Engaging in how we embody ourselves allows a direct way to bring the unconscious to consciousness. By understanding and working with our body we can access change in ways that talking can just never reach, this is because we are working with systems that move, react and hold memory outside the realm of our intellect.

Our bodies are like instruments that most of us have never learned to play or play well. Somatic work gives tools of self awareness that allow a fine tuned playing of this incredible instrument. Instead of living on auto-pilot or even feeling like life is living you, you become the driver living a fully engaged and satisfying life. This work can be as simple as breathing exercises to shift us out of anxiety or as deep as delving into what it feels like to begin to imagine safety in ones body after a trauma. Coming into relationship with the body is one of the greatest gateways we have towards empowerment, self knowledge and actualization of the you that you want to become.

Somatic Psychotherapy
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