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About Me

I feel fortunate to say that all of my adult life has been spent working with people to help them come into deeper relationship with themselves and the world they live in. It is much more than work for me it is truly my life's passion and an ever evolving and growing process. I am committed to my own evolution in this and bring that hunger for learning and expansion to my clients. 

I weave together my many interests into this work. My many years studying the body from a physiological perspective gives me an eye for the subtleties of how we move or don't move, the ways that our body tells our story without saying a word. Yoga, dance and movement bring the wisdom of ways to work with our bodies, our breath and our spirit. The various veins of psychological perspectives that I have studied offer a multitude of ways of working with and being with anything that people bring in. I am a passionate and adventurous traveler and my immersion in different cultures helps me to see the infinite ways to live a life and the beauty and connection of every life. Meditation helps me to have a spaciousness and awareness of my own being. Surfing and horseback riding bring me excitement and a practice of how to be present and move with whatever comes my way.  My passion for art brings depth, metaphor and richness. And my adoration of nature brings a perspective of us being connected to something much greater. 

I bring all of this and more to the work I do with every person who walks through the door. The journey of therapy is it's own adventure and whether it's for a short trip to help with some immediate challenges or one that moves deeper into realms of changing long held patterns, I hope to join you on it.

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