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Cognitive Behavioral 

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is the most widely researched and used evidence based psychotherapy for improving mental health. The way that we think about ourselves and  the world is the way that we perceive and understand ourselves and the world. Often these thoughts are unchecked and unconscious leading us to have negative beliefs about ourselves, our relationships and the situations we find ourselves in. CBT is rich with tools, techniques and strategies to melt away resistance and create change in our beliefs, attitudes and thoughts. This is action oriented and solution focused work that examines our way of seeing and understanding ourselves and with much curiosity and warmth find ways to make real and lasting change.


If you are finding yourself with a running negative chatter always running in the background this work will give you the tools and practice to not only end the negativity but replace it with positive and affirming thoughts, beliefs and ways of seeing the yourself, your relationships and your world. At the base of this work is creating a spaciousness within to observe that the stories that can take over our mind are often distorted based on past hurts and protective structures. By questioning the validity of these stories, building new ways of finding safety and exploring who we are within a rewritten story; we are able to actually live from a new relationship of our identity, beliefs and thoughts. 

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