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Attachment focused EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a revolutionary way of working that frees people from the charge and triggers of painful memories, disturbing bodily sensations, limiting beliefs and debilitating emotions that can come from challenging or traumatic events in ones life. 


Events that are overwhelming to the system or trigger the fight or flight responce can get stuck and painful emotions and patterns of relating with one's self and others may be relived over and over again. Bilateral stimulation (left/right stimulation on the knees or using hand held buzzers or headphones) is used to engage both sides of the brain while the therapist supports the client to re-engage in the charged memory, finding new and more functional perspectives and allowing a literal rewiring of the nueral networks. While we can never take away the painful events, this work allows us to engage with them safely and spaciously so that you can now have control over your responses and yourself. 

EMDR is one Trauma comes in different shapes and sizes, when people hear the work trauma they often think; assault, rape, life threatening accidents, traumatic births, surgeries or physical illness; these are what I call "big T" trauma. There is also "small T" trauma; not necessarily life threatening but triggering, charged and deeply impactful. These might comprise of a chaotic childhood or one in which parents just couldn't connect, being bullied, harmful relationship patterns and many others. The truth is if you're human you've had some trauma.

These challenges can manifest in symptoms of depression, anxiety, creative blocks, phobias, relationship difficulties and low self esteem. EMDR helps quickly heal and clear the emotional and physical blocks allowing access to joy, connection with ones self and others and freedom from limiting beliefs and patterns.

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